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The HC 5500

Fulfilling all your black & colour printing needs with a single machine

The RISO HC 5500 continues the revolution for colour in everyday printing. Building on the success of the original HC series machine, we have listened to your requests and improved our printer to address the needs of today's customers.

The HC 5500 really is the machine to meet all your needs - it prints, it copies, it finishes, in both monochrome and full colour. At the same time, it pushes the boundaries of productivity on, giving 120 pages per minute - even in full colour!

Whether you are looking to replace your existing black & white photocopier, introduce colour for the first time in your organisation, or extend your current colour capabilities, we have a combination to fit your needs. The RISO HC 5500 is a modular design allowing the specification to be customised to fit your needs - meaning that you don't pay for features that you don't need.

All inclusive price plans are available to match your requirements precisely, with monochrome print costs to match your existing print resources, and a colour print cost that will shock you with it's affordability. Whether you are a small or large business organisation, a primary or secondary school, or a commercial printer, we can create a package that will make you smile.

Contact us for more details, and we can arrange for sales executive to take you through the many options available, and ensure that you see the future of printing!

Download the HC 5500 brochure

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